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About Male Waxing 4U

Enjoy reading about the treatments that Tiffany offers.

Please also take time to read “Waxing Etiquette” for a few tips & pointers.

"she did not use the strip method which I had been used to, the difference was incredible"

"there was very little pain and no redness or soreness"

"I would recommend Tiffany to any male, do not be afraid"



Lets face facts, your waxing experience depends on quite a few factors.

Pain! Male waxing is very different to female, with the finest products (like KFC I actually have my own secret recipe!) & the very best techniques I can ensure that any discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum. I am fully trained specifically in MALE WAXING!

Comfort! Check out some pictures of my home Salon, the equipment puts most 'luxury' or 'high street' Salons to shame. The electric chair is the highlight for most (every man should have one! ha,ha)




Discretion! Many of my Clients have admitted feeling uncomfortable using 'public' or 'highstreet' Salons, we are all human after all aren't we! With me you don't get that, simply book, come to the house and relax in my detached Salon.

Are you feeling relaxed! I do this for a living so you have nothing to be worried about. I have a good (OK, wicked) sense of humour & enjoy a laugh with my Clients. When you book waxing with me, you get me and not 'whoever is available'.

My Clients return time after time, which sums it all up I guess!



Clients vary from keen Sportsmen such as Cyclists, Swimmers, Weightlifters, Body Builders and Rugby players (which includes at least one Welsh Rugby International, who will definitely NOT be named!) through to the layman who just feels more comfortable being less hairy!

Tiffany is also a fully trained Beauty Therapist and offers additional luxury male services such as: Hopi Ear Candling, Spray Tanning, Manicures & Pedicures, Callus removal (Peel), Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Full Body Massage.

Should you have any questions, queries (or reservations), please feel free to call!


“With Tiffany I have definitely hit the jackpot”

“Tiffany just has a way of making you feel comfortable with yourself”

“No salon compares to the personal treatment you get from her”


Latest News!

29th December - I'm in my brand new purpose built Salon! Its lush...

26th June 2013 - Yes, it was me being interviewed on Radio Wales today about Male Waxing!

24th June 2013 - I've been looking at some new products recently and found some lush additions (not for everyones hair type) - superb result!

16th June 2013 - New Salon! Yep, at last a brand new Salon is finally underway. It's going to be lush!

"Tiffany will wax anything, except your car!"

Contact Tiffany on 0752 1304599

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